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BI & A business strategies that work…

Every organization running a successful BI Program starts with a well-defined vision, strategy and road-map. We at BigBI Solutions value the importance of your organization’s BI mission. You can count on our experience and capabilities as your organization’s trusted advisor.

We offer strategic consultation to our customers in the following areas:

BI Assessment

Are you already invested in a BI infrastructure that is laden with concerns such as poor usage, poor performance, high maintenace cost? BigBI can bring in our many years of professional experience as BI experts to do a thorough assessment of your current BI footprint and help you identify your pain points with practical recommendations that can improve your Return On Investment – ROI.

BI Road-map

Is your organization ready to embark on a BI journey that will enable it to transform its decision making culture from intuition to fact based? Great ! The next thing you will need is a detailed strategy and a plan that outlines critical milestones in your journey. BigBI can support you in this mission as an active partner to help you layout a strategy that will identify the technology, processes, and people that make up your Business Intelligence ecosystem.

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