Data Integration Solutions

We transform data into Information assets

In today’s information age it is common to see application and data silos within a modern organization that inhibit business leaders from obtaining an integrated view of information to make effective decisions. A successful data integration strategy can deliver value to the business by rendering single, consistent, and integrated information source for effective decision making.

Whether it be Merger or acquisition scenario, retirement of legacy systems, or application rewrite, we can help you design, implement, and maintain effective data integration processes. Our data integration service offerings are grouped into following categories:


Data Warehousing

At the heart of every successful BI solution lies a data warehouse – an organization’s single version of truth. Our Data Integration team specializes in designing and developing data processes that combines raw data from different IT systems with business context to generate unified, consistent information source – popularly known as datawarehouse. We can partner with your IT department to implement an efficient data warehouse or subject specific data marts that can easily scale up to an enterprise decision support environment. Our design principles embrace leading Industry standards and best practices. Our delivery approach promises an optimal sweet spot between theory and practice.

Data Migration

The need to migrate data can arise due to different business requirements such as Mergers & Acquisitions, application migrations, database migration or even business process migration. Industry studies suggest that data migration efforts constitute 30-40% of total engagement activities in a typical application upgrade / consolidation / re-write project. Our team has a proven track record of handling complex data migration initiatives seamlessly. BigBI’s data migration methodology entails evaluating quality of legacy data and acting upon the findings to improve the data quality as it moves to the new system – thus assuring higher Return On Investment – ROI.


Data Replication

If your organization is exploring opportunities to replicate OLTP databases to enhance your business continuity plan, disaster recovery strategy, real time distribution of data to offload queries from application database, we can help deliver data at right place, right time, in right format. Our data replication specialists can collaborate with your subject matter experts in assessing your needs and deliver a cost effective replication solution that is tailored to your requirements.

Salient Features of our Data Integration Solutions

Conduct detailed source data analysis to identify outliers
Architect robust Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes that sustain under anomalous / boundary conditions.
Implement ETL / ELT Processes that are scalable, restartable from point of failure, and optimally tuned for performance.
Build ETL processes that promote reusability.
Test data Integration processes extensively to make them error proof.

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