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A Cost-Saving and Flexible Approach: BigBI's Managed Services

Challenges Faced by Businesses Today.

CIOs and IT leaders in general are facing the challenges posed by the exponential growth of data, and the increasing demand from executives, managers, business analysts, and other business users for robust business intelligence and analytical agility.  More than ever, business leaders depend on the company’s business intelligence and analytics capabilities to make faster and better decisions, to identify and act on new products and services, and cost reduction opportunities.    All of this with limited internal resources and tight budgets.   At the same time, finding and hiring analytical talent to meet these demands is a slow and expensive process, and in many cases does not address the main needs of the organization.

BigBI’s Managed ETL and BI Support and Administration Services

The organization’s data integration infrastructure is the foundation for effective business intelligence and analytics.  It provides the ability to move data from many different sources, aggregate and transform that data to support how the business wants to consume it, and then make it available to the users who can make decisions based on that data.

Our managed services solutions ensure that an organization can quickly adjust their data integration resource capacity to the changing needs of their environment, while at the same time providing the right levels of skills at the right time to support optimal demand coverage at minimal cost to the organization.

Data warehousing issues tend to be transformational by nature, and their resolution requires a high level of expertise and a good understanding of the existing client infrastructure. 

Managed Services Performed by Experts

In order to deliver the results that our clients expect from us, most of our consultants, including the founders of the company, are business intelligence and analytics experts that have spent the majority of their careers helping organization achieve substantial gains in productivity and reduction in operating costs. They have been exposed to many different challenges in very demanding environments. Our consultants will bring that invaluable knowledge and experience as they become an extension of the client’s team to boost their productivity.

Our team of experts evaluates your environment daily, and acts on issues before they have an impact on the quality of services. They will constantly be on the lookout for anything that might put the environment at risk, and avoiding or mitigating that risk is their mission.


What Kind of Benefits Should Customers Expect?

• Most of our clients experience a 20% to 50% reduction in support, administration and development costs
• 24 x 7 access to on-demand highly specialized support, administration and development expertise
• 24 x 7 access to additional capacity to quickly scale and adapt to changing capacity needs without the need to incur hiring expenses
• Free up internal resources so they can focus on value-added tasks, such as strategic planning, design and development
• Speed up the resolution of issues and significantly improve Quality of Service
• Improved system performance/throughput
• Proactively make enhancements and recommendations as data volumes increase
• Better Governance

Managed Services Offered

BI and Analytics Assessment of Existing Environment
Managed Support Services
Managed Administration Services
Development Services
Code Testing Services

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